Brazilian Trucker Strike Grinds On

  • More than 200,000 Brazilian truckers have been on strike since May 21st, to protest rising fuel prices
  • This caused gas stations to run out of fuel, shortages in grocery stores and inability to get products to and from ports
  • Discontent may be spreading to other sectors within the economy, including the oil industry
  • President Michel Temer pledged to cut diesel taxes and reduce tolls for truckers earlier this week
  • The military has become involved in order to ensure fuel and supplies can get through the country
  • Some union members are now calling for military intervention


Why It Matters: While there are those calling for a military takeover of the government, it is unlikely to happen at this point due to lack of organization.  However, this does highlight the fragility of the situation in Brazil and a growing discontent among industries continues. With a visible impact of an economy grounding to a halt, this will likely only embolden those fighting for change.